February 10, 2021 UPDATE: Uplift Charter has requested a hold on their application to build a new campus in East Dallas at I-30 and Buckner. I anticipate reactivation and will note that here if/when that occurs. 


Why it matters:  Opening a new Uplift campus will likely result in significant enrollment decreases to our  neighborhood schools close to the new Uplift site and may cost these schools academic and program cuts as the  enrollment falls. In addition, Uplift has made this decision without input from parents or community members from  these neighborhood schools.

Location: 9743 E. RL Thornton, Dallas Tx (at I-30 and Buckner)                                     Spanish

Summary: Critical concerns about Uplift Charter Schools in Dallas ISD: 

1. There is no elected school board to oversee taxpayer funding - this means no elected trustee to oversee  your tax dollars and no ability to vote out the trustee if you do not agree with how they are managing the  school.


2. The money transferred from Dallas ISD taxpayers to Uplift  is financially devastating and unsustainable.

3. The new Uplift campus will pull students from DISD and disrupt education for students.

4. The Uplift student outcomes are not better than Dallas ISD and when comparing “apples to apples” are  often worse.

5. Uplift practices discriminatory admissions and enrollment policies resulting in segregated communities  and the exclusion of certain student populations.

6. Uplift practices yield concerns about educational inequity for students, such as larger class sizes, less  teacher pay, higher teacher turnover, and spending more on administration and less in the classroom.


In the 2019-20 school year Uplift Charter school drained $71,955,000 from Dallas ISD. 


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Kristen DeRocha, DISD parentCharter schools say that they take anyone, but the very nature of a lottery system requires family buy-in. These types of students are generally more compliant. This makes the charter appear more effective, when really, you’ve just taken the stronger kids and claim victory. The result is that you leave more vulnerable kids behind in the neighborhood schools with reduced funding. Charters are not the answer, they are making things worse. NO MORE CHARTERS.

Brian Hasenbauer, Lake Highlands White Rock Democrats President

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