April 28, 2021 - Community Meeting with ILT and City Plan Commissioner 7:00 pm

April 11, 2021:

International Leadership Texas (ILT):  ILT is requesting to build a high school in the southern Dallas ISD boundary at 7811 University Hills.  ILT currently leases property for this high school in DeSoto, TX. There are two charter high schools within two miles of the proposed site, Gateway and Uplift Wisdom Prep, and there are 43 total charter campuses within 10 miles.


1. Plan to attend the ILT community meeting scheduled on Wednesday April 28, 2021 at 7:00 pm (email CEPE and request the Zoom link).

2. Contact your City Plan Commissioner and City Council Member to oppose Z130-155.

3. Add your name to the list - I Oppose ILT Charter in Dallas. 

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Critical concerns about ILT Charter School

The consensus of the community has been that a charter campus is not wanted or needed. 


A fully enrolled ILT High School reduces DISD’s funding by ~$4.5 million every year.


Dallas ISD outperforms ILT, and one in four ILT campuses is failing.  

ILT has less experienced and fewer certified teachers, higher teacher turnover, and larger class sizes compared to Dallas ISD. 


ILT spends less in the classroom and more on administration than Dallas ISD.  

There is no elected school board with charter schools. 

ILT serves fewer disadvantaged and at-risk students than Dallas ISD, and DISD still outperforms ILT. 

The proposed ILT charter campus is located in close proximity to academically acceptable Dallas ISD high schools. 


Comparing 2018 graduates enrolling in a Texas 4-year public university, Dallas ISD graduates outperform ILT graduates in their first year of college.

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